VR  All in One HD Screen 1K

MASMIRE sells brand product VR V700 All in One as OEM. The embedded screen makes it ready to start the virtual reality experience without your Smartphone anymore, this is the next generation of affordable mobile VR devices. Only you can imagine all you can do in your own virtual world …

VR All in One is a virtual reality headset head-mounted device which aim to provide an immersive virtual reality experience, for the purpose of Education and training, Video Games, Entertainment, Architecture and Urban, Medical and Science, Media (video and picture)

Brief Description

With adjustable head strap for all, VR V700 All in One brings user beyond the limit of the game, movies, training or active reality. VR V700 All in One can be connected to WIFI enable access local network but also can be connected to Bluetooth devices around. Upload you content with the TF slot and download, delete or update your display with USB and mini USB connection. Powered by Nibiru, navigate through up and down, left and right, backward buttons though the Android menu settings.  Listen to the content with the headphone jack connection.

VR All in One is user friendly for Android App available.

VR All in One is certified.




VR All in One you don’t need your Smartphone to experience the virtual reality

VR All in One design is outstanding comparable to VR PS4 and run with Action V700 CPU

VR All in One includes Google Play, Services, Youtube pre-installed,

VR All in One browser with Nibiru

VR All in One integrate frontal touch panel

VR All in One is friendly to use Wifi and Bluethooth and extends your memory with TF

VR All in One is the most affordable version of mobile VR compared to Oculus, Rift, VIVE.